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Access to Quality Dental Care – For Everyone

A decision between paying for dental care and basic necessities such as food and housing is a choice that most families will never have to make. But for many low-income families across the nation, it's a choice they face every day.

At CSHM LLC, our mission is to ensure access to quality, professional dental care for low-income, underserved families and those seeking comprehensive care.

Our dental centers are creating access to dental health services for these families – and especially their children – who are often least able to afford care.

A Vital Mission

The U.S. Surgeon General has called children's tooth decay a "silent epidemic," and fewer than 25 percent of dentists nationwide treat the children who visit our associated dental centers every day.

Access to care is our top priority, and every year more than 700,000 children receive quality care at a dental center in our network.

From Boise to Myrtle Beach, families continue to count on our network of associated dental centers. From first tooth to age 20, children who visit these dental centers receive vital care and a positive experience that can help ensure life-long dental health.

Our mission, however, transcends the care provided at the dentist's office. Education and outreach continue to be a major part of our role. From free dental screenings to nutrition education, we are committed to fighting the silent epidemic of poor dental health among underserved communities.

It's a fight we can win. With an ongoing commitment of public resources and the compassionate work of our associated caregivers, we can envision a country in which every family has access to the healthy smiles they deserve.

The Future: Expanding Access

Today, we are adding services that create even more access to care, while continuing to safeguard the dental health of America's children. Many of our associated dental centers now offer treatment for adults and feature options such as sedation, access to general anesthesia, oral surgery and orthodontics. And we continue to make care convenient by ensuring that busy families can have all of their treatment needs met during the fewest number of appointments.

With a network of compassionate caregivers and an ongoing commitment to quality, we are committed to growth and innovation that makes life-long oral health a reachable goal for a growing number of families in the communities we serve every day.

Business and Support Services

CSHM LLC provides business, administrative and support services to 53 associated dental centers in 19 states and the District of Columbia pursuant to management services agreements. Our services include assistance with billing, accounts receivable, payroll and human resources, purchasing, lease negotiations, legal, compliance, orientation programs and marketing. The dental centers, which serve low-income and underserved communities, are separate professional corporations or limited liability companies which are owned by a licensed dentist.


May 30, 2013: Oklahoma Smiles and Small Smiles Dental Centers donate emergency dental kits for tornado victims.

May 21, 2013: To our Patients and Families in Oklahoma City.

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"Knowledgeable parents and educated communities are vital for improving children's dental health."