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May 30, 2013: Oklahoma Smiles and Small Smiles Dental Centers donate emergency dental kits for tornado victims.

May 21, 2013: To our Patients and Families in Oklahoma City.

Advisors on Quality: Pediatric Dental Board
Established in 2007, our Pediatric Dental Advisory Board assists Dr. Souri and focuses on quality of care initiatives.

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Dr. Paul Casamassimo Dr. Paul Casamassimo
Chair, Department of
Pediatric Dentistry, The Ohio
State University and Chief of
Denistry at Nationwide
Children's Hospital
Dr. Arthur Nowak Dr. Arthur Nowak
Professor Emeritus, University
of Iowa, Colleges of Dentistry
and Medicine
Dr. Joe Bernat Dr. Joe Bernat
Chair of the Department of Pediatric and Community Dentistry at the State
University of New York-Buffalo School of Dental
Dr. Anupama Tate Dr. Anupama Tate
Director, Pediatric Dentistry,
Children's National Medical Center and Assistant
Professor at the George
Washington University

CSHM LLC is committed to ensuring that all dental services meet professionally recognized standards of health care, including those of federal and state health care programs, state dental boards, and those articulated by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

We maintain a detailed compliance program, employ an experienced chief compliance officer, and run a large compliance department to train, monitor, identify, formally track and follow up on all compliance-related issues. We also operate a comprehensive training and education program regarding compliance and quality of care.

Our compliance department is staffed by an experienced team that is dedicated to auditing, licensing and credentialing, and rigorous internal monitoring.

CSHM's compliance efforts are prevalent at all levels. Every associated dental center has a compliance liaison, and our board of directors includes a compliance committee that meets quarterly to certify our compliance with quality of care and regulatory mandates.

For more information, please visit: www.smallsmiles.com/compliance

"Knowledgeable parents and educated communities are vital for improving children's dental health."